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Meeting Your Half-Orange All Over the World

Every once in a while, I am blessed to find out that Meeting Your Half-Orange is making the rounds to other cities and having a big effect on people. And in these two recent cases of the book reaching other countries, the news absolutely, positively made my day. Case #1: I got a wonderful email from a reader […]

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Get My Happy Love App!

Whew! I’ve just updated my iPhone and iPad app Half-Orange Optimisms to a splashy new 2.0 version. And in addition to making sure it works on all the iOS platforms and the newest iPhones, I’ve added a whopping 150 *brand new* Optimisms to it. Which means the app now has more than 250 positive ideas to happy up […]

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Watch the Happiest Video About Happiness Ever!

If you want more love and bliss and happiness in your life, I have a simple secret I want to share with you that can help you get it. If  you have two minutes, find out a profoundly simple secret about how happiness really works. Find out how a happy life checklist can change your […]

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My New Book: The Happy Life Checklist!

I’m really excited about this one: My new book The Happy Life Checklist: 654 Simple Ways to Find Your Bliss will be on shelves in just over a week! (Release date: Feb. 4) It’s a collection of small ideas that will help you savor and celebrate every day. The book covers ten areas you might be interested […]

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La Media Naranja: a Love Song

Does thinking about your half-orange make you want to sing? Well, it sure made singer-songwriter Casey Dinkin want to. She wrote me a note explaining, “I am a singer-songwriter and I recently wrote a song called La Media Naranja (My Better Half), about orange halves in love.” Clearly, I have to share it with you! […]

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Me and My Half-Orange at Art Basel

Last week, my half-orange Gustavo and I hit Art Basel in Miami. Not only was it a weekend full of fabulous art shows, but look! I found my other half-orange right in the middle of the Convention Center… HA. I haven’t seen an orange-half I haven’t liked. Here’s to the art of finding yours. —Amy

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How To Live Happily Ever After

I have to hand it to author Jenna McCarthy, the scribe behind If It Was Easy, They’d Cal the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon. She’s not only hilarious (check out the funny trailer for her book), but she’s also brave and wise. The hilarious Jenna McCarthy mentioning my book in her TED talk! How do I know […]

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Some Dating Optimism for Single Parents

What do you do when you’re a single parent and you get asked out by someone who doesn’t want to get married and have more kids like you do? Well, if you’re Christine Coppa, who wrote about her recent dating experience in a new post for, you tell him you’re not interested. What do […]

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Half-Oranges, Orange Juice & Tangerines

I have to say “Thank you” to a Meeting Your Half-Orange reader named Blanca who sent me this cute note: I am Spanish and on Facebook I’m always adding new fan pages to my profile that I find funny. So, two of them, which have quite a lot of fans are: 1. Me temo que con […]

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How One Man Proposed to His Half-Orange!

We’ve all heard about some big, well-planned proposals: the ones on the big screen at the baseball game, or captured on TV or in front of a teacher’s classroom. But this proposal? This is one of the most unique, touching and funny ones I’ve ever seen. Though, hey, maybe I’m biased. See, I just got […]

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