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What’s Hot in Apps? Half-Oranges!

Well, my little engine that could—the companion iPhone App to the book—has moved up to another incredibly hot spot this week: Half-Orange Optimims is now on the App store’s “What’s Hot” list! I’m so proud, it feels like my little baby App is getting to be on Oprah… If you haven’t checked it out, you […]

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Some Australian Buzz

People Down Under need half-oranges, too, you know. So I was thrilled that a great Aussie website for singles called “That’s Why You’re Single” printed a piece I wrote, called “What You’re Doing Wrong.” And in case you could use the advice right now, here’s the link to it!

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Real Simple Has the Orange Buzz!

Well look what came bursting out of the grocery store aisles this month: A new issue of Real Simple (love the mag) with a bright, bursting orange on the cover in a story about uplifting your mood! I see it as yet another step in spreading the half-orange message. If you want a half-orange life—a […]

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Half-Orange on “The CBS Early Show”

One of my favorite moments of getting the word out about Meeting Your Half-Orange came with an appearance on the CBS Early Show with two of TV’s friendliest hosts, Chris Wragge and Erica Hill. The producers asked for a bit of a battle between the dating experts, which was challenging, but I did my best […]

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The App Store Buzz!

I got a wonderful surprise this weekend when I found out that this week, the Apple App store has chosen my “Half-Orange Optimisms” App as one of its “Featured Apps!” It’s like having a little orange buzz in your pocket at all times. I’m so thrilled that someone over at Apple liked the little App enough […]

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Spreading the Buzz on a Tele-Chat

I’ve done lots of fun radio interviews about the book, including a recent one-hour Tele-chat called “Girls’ Night In.” On it, I talked about the book with the “Dating Makeover Coach” Kira Sabin and Melanie Gorman of If you enjoyed reading my book (or want to know if it’s your cup of tea) this super fun […]

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YOUR ORANGE STORIES! The “Principal” Effect

The best part of writing this book? The positive stories I get from those of you who’ve read Meeting Your Half-Orange and write to tell me how it’s added to your lives. Every now and then, I’ll post a story that exemplifies just how powerful a change dating optimism can bring to your life. I […]

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A Change Would Do You Good…in Dating!

I love getting on the radio to talk about Meeting Your Half-Orange—especially with people who really understand what it’s like in the dating trenches. You know, sometimes fun, other times gut-wrenchingly awful, and the other times, so so so bad you can’t help but laugh and see it for good. Last week, I did a […]

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