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Half-Oranges, Orange Juice & Tangerines

I have to say “Thank you” to a Meeting Your Half-Orange reader named Blanca who sent me this cute note:

I am Spanish and on Facebook I’m always adding new fan pages to my profile that I find funny. So, two of them, which have quite a lot of fans are:

1. Me temo que con mi media naranja alguien se ha hecho un zumo

2. Mientras encuentro a mi media naranja, voy comiendo mandarinas

They mean:

1. I’m afraid that with my half orange, someone has make himself an orange juice.

2. Until I find my half orange, I’ll be eating tangerines.

To Blanca, I love them! You know why? Because to the rest of us, it’s a great reminder that while searching for a half-orange in life, it’s important to have a good sense of humor about it all. I mean, what else can keep you going through all the so-so dates and online dating flops? Laugh about it! And pour yourself some O.J. You gotta get your sweet tooth satisfied somehow.



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