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La Media Naranja: a Love Song

Does thinking about your half-orange make you want to sing? Well, it sure made singer-songwriter Casey Dinkin want to. She wrote me a note explaining, “I am a singer-songwriter and I recently wrote a song called La Media Naranja (My Better Half), about orange halves in love.” Clearly, I have to share it with you! […]

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Me and My Half-Orange at Art Basel

Last week, my half-orange Gustavo and I hit Art Basel in Miami. Not only was it a weekend full of fabulous art shows, but look! I found my other half-orange right in the middle of the Convention Center… HA. I haven’t seen an orange-half I haven’t liked. Here’s to the art of finding yours. —Amy

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How To Live Happily Ever After

I have to hand it to author Jenna McCarthy, the scribe behind If It Was Easy, They’d Cal the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon. She’s not only hilarious (check out the funny trailer for her book), but she’s also brave and wise. The hilarious Jenna McCarthy mentioning my book in her TED talk! How do I know […]

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