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An Optimist Tosses Her Dating Books

I had to love this story I just came across from writer Abigail Pickus, who writes a column for The Jewish Week about her dating life called “Abigail in Love (maybe).” In this column called “Am I Still a Dating Optimist if I Throw Away All of My Dating Books?” As she talks about reading […]

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Optimism for Single Parents

Are you a single parent? Then this new story offers my dating advice for you! Even if you’re not a parent, there’s some insight here about where to meet the right partner and just how honest you should be on your online profile. It’s my way of spreading the orange buzz to even more […]

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It’s Just Lunch…and Some Dating Optimism

I love being able to catch people when they’re in the heart of dating, whether they’re setting up dates or about to go one. Because that’s when reminding people to work up their orange buzz really works. Sometimes, all it takes is a reminder of why you’re doing this whole dating thing in the first […]

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The Single After 30 Part

Here’s some Orange Buzz that came from a reader of the book who has a fun and fascinating blog about her solo life in Alaska. She calls it “The After 30 Part…” I want to give Nicholle a big thanks or spreading the word about the book, especially because she says Meeting Your Half-Orange “is […]

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Dump Your Lemon! A Podcast Interview

I recently did a podcast interview with the wonderfully wise Annie Kaszina, Ph.D. an NLP Master Practitioner and Emotional Abuse Recovery Expert. Annie works to empower women to get out of emotionally abusive relationships and discover the gift of why they truly are. She wrote a great post about why to embrace dating optimism when you’re […]

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The Daily News says: “Grab It!”

I’m so proud to see that my little iPhone App Half-Orange Optimisms—the companion piece to my book Meeting Your Half-Orange—was found and featured in the New York paper The Daily News! Here it is, found and featured, yet another way to keep the Orange Buzz going with a little pep talk in your pocket! “We […]

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