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Meeting Your Half-Orange All Over the World

Every once in a while, I am blessed to find out that Meeting Your Half-Orange is making the rounds to other cities and having a big effect on people. And in these two recent cases of the book reaching other countries, the news absolutely, positively made my day.

Case #1: I got a wonderful email from a reader named Vanessa Valdez, who read Half-Orange during a last-minute, life-is-short trip to Bali. The bonus was, Vanessa liked the book so much that she got in touch and we ended up being able to meet in person, which was one of the most joyful mornings I’ve had in a long time. She said I could share the gorgeous photo of her in full-on Balinese optimism mode, so here she is.


Meeting Your Half-Orange goes to Bali! (Image courtesy of: Vanessa Valdez)

Case #2: I just found out that Meeting Your Half-Orange will be published in China! The book will be translated into Chinese characters, allowing the message to spread to even more cool singles looking for a new way to approach dating and life—the profoundly positive way. I will keep you posted on the Chinese launch!

And to those of you who have read or considered the book, or have helped spread the message yourself, thank you. Truly. All I wish for is that the half-orange mindset will inspire more amazing people toward a big, bold, happy life with the perfect partner to love right beside you.

Keep living, keep loving, keep reading, keep writing,




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