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NATURAL HEALTH and Half-Oranges

I loved this recent mention of Meeting Your Half-Orange in Natural Health magazine. In the story below, “Health nut seeks same” by Maureen Healy, I offered my advice on why finding someone with similar interests can enhance your relationship from the inside-out—the piece then shares suggestions of some online dating sites that cater to particular […]

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The Denver Post: How to Use Dating Optimism in the New Year

Recently, I contributed to a story in The Denver Post called New Year, New Love: The Time is Right for Dating, by Sheba R. Wheeler. In it, I gave her some of my thoughts on how to keep your eyes looking more positively on the prize of love at the start of a new year. […]

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Seventeen Magazine: My Optimistic Dating Advice

It’s that time of year! My positive dating advice is featured in a fun new story this month in Seventeen magazine (note my admirable position as the “17 Expert” for the piece!) In the story “Spring Clean Your Love Life,” writer Elisa Benson featured some of our fun and purely positive tips on how to […]

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Psychologies Magazine Features Dating Optimism

What a great honor this month: A fabulous journalist named Suzy Greaves wrote about the concept of dating optimism in a three-page feature called “The Optimist’s Guide to Dating” in the most recent issue of Psychologies magazine—which is like England’s version of America’s Psychology Today. And my book Meeting Your Half-Orange—with it’s science-based focus on the neuropsychology […]

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