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Half-Orange Theme Songs!

I’ve gotten a number of letters from readers suggesting songs that represent the Meeting Your Half-Orange mindset, and I have to say, I love ’em all! Music can really help “pop the clutch” of your dating positivity: Playing the right song can remind you that your efforts are on target and worth it! I thought […]

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Bake Some Half-Orange Cupcakes!

Since Meeting Your Half-Orange launched in February, I’ve been impressed by how some of you have found ways to keep your Orange Buzz going. And one of the yummiest idea to date was a recipe for Half-Orange Cupcakes. The recipe comes from Rachel, who writes the wonderfully motivational blog “Shedding It and Getting It“. As she said […]

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An Example of a Half-Orange Plan

Part of what I love most about getting Meeting Your Half-Orange out there is being able to follow what some of you are doing every day to attract your other halves. I’ve seen dozens of your Twitter messages that say, “I’m ready for my big relationship!” and “Okay, I admit it, I want a relationship!” […]

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