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Psychologies Magazine Features Dating Optimism

What a great honor this month:

A fabulous journalist named Suzy Greaves wrote about the concept of dating optimism in a three-page feature called “The Optimist’s Guide to Dating” in the most recent issue of Psychologies magazine—which is like England’s version of America’s Psychology Today.

And my book Meeting Your Half-Orange—with it’s science-based focus on the neuropsychology of thinking positively and the benefits of being optimistic about love—fit right in.

Also fun: One of my positive comments about how I believe you should be picky in love was featured as the story’s pull quote, a great reminder when it comes to what you’re looking for: “You have my full permission to stop dating men you don’t find smart, interesting or physically attractive.”

Pick up the copy of the latest issue of Psychologies if you’re in the U.K. or check out the piece here:



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