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The Denver Post: How to Use Dating Optimism in the New Year

Recently, I contributed to a story in The Denver Post called New Year, New Love: The Time is Right for Dating, by Sheba R. Wheeler. In it, I gave her some of my thoughts on how to keep your eyes looking more positively on the prize of love at the start of a new year.

One of my contributions included this:

“Take a break. If you’ve been dating full throttle without success, it can begin to feel like work and become a source of frustration and pressure. “Now suddenly you are going out into the world with all this energy that says you are tired, you are over it, but do you still want to date me?” says Spencer. “Who wants to date that?” Take a break to reconnect with yourself and remember what’s good and lovable about you.”

If you liked that, go to the New Year, New Love article in The Denver Post, or click on the image below.



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