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Dump Your Lemon! A Podcast Interview

I recently did a podcast interview with the wonderfully wise Annie Kaszina, Ph.D. an NLP Master Practitioner and Emotional Abuse Recovery Expert. Annie works to empower women to get out of emotionally abusive relationships and discover the gift of why they truly are. She wrote a great post about why to embrace dating optimism when you’re stuck in a bad relationship.

First, as you already know to your cost, there are no magic wands; and lemons don’t turn into oranges,” writes Annie. “Second, ‘your’ half-lemon is very happy to be a half-lemon; he enjoys being so sour as to be thoroughly unpleasant.”

See? She’s smart. And she has the most mesmerizing British accent, I could listen to her speak for days. See if you feel the same! You can listen to our chat about reaching out for the love you deserve and read more about her work at her site



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