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The Single After 30 Part

Here’s some Orange Buzz that came from a reader of the book who has a fun and fascinating blog about her solo life in Alaska. She calls it “The After 30 Part…” I want to give Nicholle a big thanks or spreading the word about the book, especially because she says Meeting Your Half-Orange “is the ultimate bible for single women in this world.” Wowee, what a compliment, the book is beyond flattered!

I hope you enjoy Nicholle’s blog as much as I do, and I hope that knowing about this reader’s journey through the ups and downs of dating optimism will bolster some of you other people on your journeys, before 30 and after.



  1. I went to go look at my stats today on my blog… and I noticed that they were really high… then I checked the source! Wow, thank you Amy!
    I also just read the interview with “Its Just Lunch” and great dating philosophy. I also loved the part where you said said that used to go into dates pretending to be what you thought HE wanted you to be. I made that mistake many times. What a waste of energy. I love the last thing you said there: “So I say be positive, be real and be confident–which makes you, by the way, ridiculously attractive.” SO TRUE! Thanks Amy!

    Nicholle Chandler
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