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Killer Secrets of Dating Success

To help spread the Orange Buzz this week, I just had one of the most fun radio show appearances I’ve had in a while with Gloria MacDonald. She’s a terrific host, full of great dating insights and ideas for helping singles find the right partner. We chatted for an hour about my book Meeting Your Half-Orange, and how the neuroscience and psychology of dating optimism can help bring you your other half.

The show went live on radio, but was also captured by WebTalkRadio, which means you can listen to our radio chat anytime! Here’s the link to listen through Gloria’s site,Secrets of Dating and Relationship Success, as well as through our chat on

If you’re single, ready for a relationship and could use some useful, unique and actionable dating tips to take you to the next loving level, this show could absolutely be the tool to get you there. What a joy talking with Gloria, I hope we can chat again—and I’ll let you know if we do!


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