The Orange Buzz

Have an “Orange Buzz” Spa Experience!

I mean…as if I didn’t love the Sunset Marquis Hotel in L.A. enough, the hotel is now offering an amazing discount hotel/spa package based on my book, Meeting Your Half-Orange. The “Operation Optimism” package is called  “The Orange Buzz” and includes all sorts of goodies, from a mani/pedi and facial in the spa to a gym pass and at-pool goodies, to a signed copy of my book and a 30-minute phone session with me! It’s truly my favorite hotel in Los Angeles and I’m so honored to partner up with them in a package created to promote health—both inside and out.

You can get all the details here at the Sunset Marquis Orange Buzz Package. Book it now!

If you need a good reason for a getaway to experience a little R&R (reading and relaxation), this is a perfect way to get your Orange Buzz off to a great start!


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