The Orange Buzz

Two Half-Orange Dream Boards!

One of the fun parts of the half-orange process is creating a visual reminder of how you want to feel in a relationship, which will give you a little Orange Buzz for love every time you see it.

I explain the scientific and psychological powers behind it, and tell some chills-inducing stories of how it can work (remember the story of the woman who put a picture of a cowboy and a red Mercedes on her Dream Board?!) And I’ve loved seeing what some of you have created yourselves.

Here are some of the Dream Boards people have sent.

Here’s one from Susan, who showed it to all her friends and even put her board on her blog, “because I’m fearless!” she wrote.

I love the cartoon couples. And the words she used, like “floaty” and “happy” and “it makes perfect sense”—which it will once you meet your other half.

Here’s a board created by another reader, who said:

“I just read your book and loved it! I have a tip for those who aren’t into the cut-outs-and-glue dream boards: I made a “virtual” collage of images found on the web and use it as my screen saver. There’s no mess, no cleanup and I definitely look at it everyday!”

That looks like a pretty damn fun life, doesn’t it? Natural and adventurous with feelings or actions of surfing, eating, holding hands, snuggling, hugging and having “Fun! Fun! Fun!”

The truth is, both of these Dream Boards are amazing—and yours can look similar or completely different. There is no wrong answer to making one, because each one of us is so completely different! If you haven’t made yours yet, find a little cut-n-paste fever deep down inside and go for it. Like the Lottery, you can’t win if you don’t play. And you can’t get what you ask for without asking.

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