The Orange Buzz

The App Store Buzz!

I got a wonderful surprise this weekend when I found out that this week, the Apple App store has chosen my “Half-Orange Optimisms” App as one of its “Featured Apps!” It’s like having a little orange buzz in your pocket at all times.

A shot of the "Featured Apps"

I’m so thrilled that someone over at Apple liked the little App enough to put it on the list—not to mention that it sits alongside cool people like The Dave Matthews Band and Apps among others. So thank you Apple!

And I hope it helps everyone who uses it remember that shaking up your point of view (after shaking the App on your iPhone!) can affect how you feel, who you meet and what goes down, both in dating and in life.

If you haven’t checked out the App yet,  Half-Orange Optimisms is on iTunes and in the App store on your iPhone. Here’s to adding a little optimism to your day!


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