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YOUR ORANGE STORIES! The “Principal” Effect

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The best part of writing this book? The positive stories I get from those of you who’ve read Meeting Your Half-Orange and write to tell me how it’s added to your lives. Every now and then, I’ll post a story that exemplifies just how powerful a change dating optimism can bring to your life. I hope it inspires you to get your Orange Buzz on and start rolling down your own optimistic, half-orange path!


At 52 years old and twice divorced (with two grown sons), I thought this book could not possibly be of any help or guidance to me. Most of the other “dating” books that I have read are targeted at the younger 20-40 something crowd and in no way connect or really address my current stage of life and thinking—much wiser, more mature, focused on what I want in life, still slim and attractive, but not into playing games or the chase, or even the whole dating thing (I’m way beyond that–unbearable!) any longer.

So, I ordered the book from Amazon anyways; what was there to lose? If it turned out to be a waste of my reading time, I could at least pass it on to some of my younger friends.

Well, this book is the best book I have read about finding The One. I have no intention of passing it on or even lending it out. (Sorry, girlfriends, you’ll just have to buy your own copies). I have already made my Big Love List, have several “visualization” scenes floating in my head, and am going to start working on my Dream Board this weekend, and have been getting an Orange buzz going every day since finishing the book last week. I feel absolutely wonderful and absolutely optimistic that “he” is out there. It may take two weeks or two years, but I can wait–he will be worth it. Thank you, thank you, thank you…you rock, Amy, as my students would say (I am a Middle/High School Principal).

Kate, NY

P.S. I wish I had had this book 25 years and two marriages ago!

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