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Bake Some Half-Orange Cupcakes!

Since Meeting Your Half-Orange launched in February, I’ve been impressed by how some of you have found ways to keep your Orange Buzz going. And one of the yummiest idea to date was a recipe for Half-Orange Cupcakes.

Mmm...Half-Orange Cupcakes made by Rachel!

The recipe comes from Rachel, who writes the wonderfully motivational blog “Shedding It and Getting It“. As she said of the cupcakes in the post,

“These cupcakes (via are, hands down, the best recipe I’ve ever made. White chocolate. Coconut. Orange. Even if you are single, I’m telling you, at first bite, you’ll have a renewed sense of optimism and a feeling that everything is going to turn out OK.”

She’s right! What a way to keep your Orange Buzz going: By baking (a “gratification” type pleasure that will feed your soul) a treat (that will make you smile and feed your belly) that reminds you life is good and does work out well when you want it to. And sometimes with coconut frosting.



  1. I love Rachel’s blog and I love that you featured her Half-Orange Cupcakes here. Rachel actually inspired me to buy your book and read it — gave me a whole new outlook!


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